A unique future proofed solution designed for today's significant challenges.


The argument for a focus on regeneration from a carbon footprint perspective alone is very strong.


The demand for Care is at a critical level across all sectors of the "Care in the Community sector"



There is a dramatic shortage of quality care facilities throughout the UK which is very much in the public's psyche.  

​SAH provide new build and repurposed future proofed properties to provision for homeless care, assisted care across most sectors and elderly care.

​Equally there is a degree of sensitivity around provisioning the care sector due to the unfortunate bad practice of some. Conscious of this, SAH have taken significant steps to overcome this and deliver best practice to the sector.

​SAH have invested in a detailed review of all 22,000 care operators and after analysing a number key factors including CQC ratings, SAH devised a relevance score for each operator. Partnering with Experian's Smart Search and embedding the service within the SAH DD system SAH can instantly verify the financial stability and robustness of any partner operator.  

​The combination of this ensures that SAH only partner with the most suitable operators.

The above process involved several linked parties, SAH are typically presented with target postcodes from either a care operator and/or a housing association together with a specification of the required building. SAH source suitable properties, agree on a target, they are then purchased, refurbished to the agreed specification, which includes dramatically improving its energy rating and green foot print and, if required, also fitted and furnished. The housing association on behalf of and in partnership with the care operator enters a long term full insuring and repairing lease with SAH.  

A similar process to the above has been adopted with council owned properties whereby SAH takes old stock from the council, which can for example include redundant retail space on failing local high streets, which is ideal for housing for the likes of the disabled that require ground floor access. Regardless the property is modernised and future proofed including its energy footprint and then leased back to the council on a long term full insuring and repairing lease.



Direct investment into Asset Backed Notes is a new development for local authorities who have traditionally accessed them via pooled investment vehicles.  Direct investment can be undertaken in accordance with CIPFA and the MHCLG Investment Guidance.

The SAH approach delivers a risk managed solution which includes legal protection in the form of protocols built into the terms of the Note.

  • Notes are listed on a recognised exchange (Frankfurt). 

  • SAH asset backing is against the portfolio of all properties it acquires, not just one property, together with any cash in hand.

  • All properties are purchased below future market value, validated by an independent RICS surveyor.

  • No funds can be deployed unless the minimum target of 25% or 2.1% per month return on funds outlaid is demonstrated. 

  • The value at purchase is immediately enhanced by the nature of SAH ownership and repurposing.

  • The end buyer is typically also known or agreed at time of purchase.  

  • No property can be purchased where it is anticipated that the related project will last longer than 12 months with the target project length being less than 6 months. This is to avoid market fluctuations. 

  • SAH were able to demonstrate a positive outcome of an extreme 30% fall in property values in one year. The SAH model ensured margins are dynamically protected by closely mirroring the market trends - buying and selling low when the market is low and high when high.  

  • Value is also further enhanced by repurposing and incorporating a lease with a strong covenant.

The SAH dynamic and fluid approach ensures that any traditional concerns over an asset back approach can be mitigated by implementing an alternative approach and professional model.

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Capital invested in loan notes is at risk.  The Financial Services Compensation Scheme does not cover investment performance. There is no recognised market for selling Safe As Houses Loan Notes

*The intent is that Notes will on request be listed on the Irish Stock Exchange/Global Exchange Market (GEM)

Greenwoods GRM LLP is English legal counsel to Safe As Houses Investment PLC and advises the company on a range of English law aspects of its business including its equity structuring, loan note programme and property acquisitions and disposals. 


The role that GRM Law Trustees Limited would undertake in the issue of the listed notes:


GRM Law Trustees Limited will act as security trustee for and on behalf of the holders of the Notes pursuant to a Trust Deed entered into between GRM Law Trustees Limited and the Issuer, Safe As Houses Investment PLC, and will hold on trust for itself and the Noteholders the security granted by the Issuer over the properties, any loans the Issuer has made, and any security the Issuer holds pursuant to those loans.

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