Safe As Houses Investment PLC (SAH) are specialists in the renovation, regeneration and change of use of properties, multiple occupancy properties and new build gap sites that are all given a new lease of life.



Safe As Houses Investment PLC (SAH) are specialists in the renovation, regeneration and change of use of properties, multiple occupancy properties and new build gap sites all of which are given a new lease of life. In cases where a property is being demolished or when planning already exists in a desired location this may also include new builds. The properties are then sold on to become, amongst other things, residential homes, supported living and care home housing stock. A market which we have conservatively valued at £288 Billion out of the £5 Trillion UK Market Place. All reflected by our potential order book.


At a time when the housing shortage is becoming more pronounced across the whole of the UK and the country’s population is ageing, SAH offer both a financially wise and ethically sound way to invest in the immediate regeneration of existing property. This property includes areas that need it the most and where it can benefit all society including the vulnerable members. Where practical we also adopt the latest in Green and Eco friendly technologies and build techniques, to help ensure that those properties are efficient to run and future proofed. 




In England there are enough suitable brownfield ( 17856) sites for at least 1.7m homes. 67% of these 1.7m homes can be added in the next 5 years representing 43% of the total housing need.


In Scotland despite an acute housing shortage 4% of Properties lay empty for a prolonged period.


Care Commissioners and Care Operators want their Care Facilities to be close to town centres in order to easily access back up services such as doctors and police etc.  


The only realistic way to achieve any of the above  on scale is by repurposing existing brownfield sites and existing homes.  


Brownfield sites now include, hotels,  pubs, banks, police stations and gyms etc.  Homes need not lay empty just because they need work done to future proof them.


SAH takes these buildings, repurposes them and future proofs them from an operational and energy perspective.



A dream home for all is
now within reach

20% of all the circa 900000 properties sold each year are deemed distressed i.e. they need work done to meet walk in condition e.g. new kitchen, bathroom, heating, wiring, plumbing etc. Distressed properties equate to circa £40bn per year.   Home Genie meets the needs of the following target customers:  


  • Those who cannot obtain either a mortgage for a distressed property or a home improvement loan.  

  • Those who wish to live as close to town as possible. 

  • Those who wish to live in a mature, established location. 

  • Those who prefer larger, traditional room sizes.

  • Those who just want someone else to do the refurbishment work.


Having identified the future buyer via either direct marketing or via partner Estate Agents we will, providing the buyer can demonstrate their ability to obtain a mortgage to final value of the project, buy the property on behalf of the buyer. We then agree with the buyer the detailed specification for all repair and upgrade work to be carried out from a table of options all of which are contained within a final projected value of the property. The buyer obtains a mortgage based on the final projected value and moves into their new custom dream home that is warm, eco-friendly, well equipped and safe.

The Care Sector
Enabling the care sector to expand quickly and safely

We can assist everyone from the largest operators to suitably qualified individuals who wish to be operators We can and will fund the needs of carefully selected care or investment partners to allow them to secure (by way of lease) future proofed, fit for purpose properties.


All properties are sourced by SAHI PLC to meet geographical requirements, finished to exact specifications, fully furnished, equipped and fully compliant with all safety standards. We can also provide cash-flow breathing space if required. 

We will provide 100% JV collaborative bridging finance to approved partners throughout the UK

We will provide bridging finance to partners throughout the UK providing they meet our criteria. The funding period should be circa 6 months, but never more than 12 months and preference will be given to projects where we can help facilitate an exit. Ideal projects are either any purpose new builds  or existing property  conversions, that can deliver residential properties of 4-5 Bedrooms and any buildings of no more than 3 stories high that can be converted to  individual flatlets or studios of between 6 and 30 flats e.g. former hotels, student accommodation offices, banks or police stations etc.


Although 100% finance is possible, we favour partners that hold demonstrable and verifiable equity in the project. A decision in principle can be obtained quickly and finance will be available immediately the legal contracts are finalised. Full details available on enquiry.

Proud partners
Carless + Adams - serving the Care Industry for 20+ Years

Carless + Adams' experience ranges from new build projects to refurbishments and extensions and have been involved in the development of over 100 care facilities, primarily care homes but also extra care apartments, assisted living developments and learning disability housing.



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Capital invested in loan notes is at risk.  The Financial Services Compensation Scheme does not cover investment performance. There is no recognised market for selling Safe As Houses Loan Notes

*The intent is that Notes will on request be listed on the Irish Stock Exchange/Global Exchange Market (GEM)

Greenwoods GRM LLP is English legal counsel to Safe As Houses Investment PLC and advises the company on a range of English law aspects of its business including its equity structuring, loan note programme and property acquisitions and disposals. 


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